Pastor Dr Isaiah Daniel Hanson Wong, MD, ND, PhD, ThD

黃善榮醫學博士-加州大學洛杉磯分校UCLA醫學院畢業, 神學博士學位-聖經研究, 哲學博士-宗教研究, 自然療法醫學博士, 恩典使命國際教會牧師, 宣教二十四年, 已治療海外超過六萬的患者, 特長是治療肌肉骨骼疼痛. (生於香港,能說流利的粵語和普通話).
他今年专程到达OSLO 为华人举行医学讲座并探访这边的华人,机会难逢,欢迎华人踊跃参加.

* 第一场时间: 正午12時
對象:退休人士, 家庭婦女及餐館業人士
* 第二场时间: 晚上7时(19時)
地点: Gamle Aker Menighetshus, Geitmyrsvn 7 D, 0171 Oslo
(从OSLO CITY 门口乘坐37号巴士到St.hanshaugen 站下车,




We have been away from “Home” for a few days due to the Fusion Toronto, so we have not been able to blog.
On friday we were buying food and preparing for the Fusion Toronto. The Fusion Toronto is a program with homeless people and people who hang out in the street. We were buying food so we could make them a lunch pack and give them out during the saturday. We also prepared for the sunday and worshops we are going to lead during the next week. So the friday was basically only preparing and planning for the next days.
During the evening we went to Fusion Toronto. We went for a prayer walk when we got there. We walked along the streets, while Pastor Jeff at the church we went to, explained the different needs in the streets and the different places we went to. We prayed for each place we went to. It was really a new experience for me. It’s really different when you see the homeless people and start thinking of how to help them. There aren’t alot of them in Norway, and me myself doesn’t really think alot about them, but this experience really twisted my mind somehow.
On saturday we went up early and made the sandwiches we were going to give away during the “sandwich run”. We went out in teams of 3 and were sent into different directions around the church. Me and my team went to the town hall park. We saw alot of homeless people sleeping on the benches. We kinda made some of them wake up and we talked with them and gave them a lunch pack. It was really a different experience, to make a difference for someone. To see someone get really happy when they woke up. We prayed for those who wanted us to pray for them. Our group met someone who wanted me to pray for world peace. It really shocked me that he said that. I was asking if he wanted me to pray for something specific for him, and all he wanted was world peace. He was homeless, having a hard time getting food for himself, but all he wanted was world peace. That is really something for us to think about.
I guess I’m kinda confused with myself after this, God has given us a lot, we should use it wisely to keep serving Him. Not waste it for worldy values. There are people who are serving Him, even though they got nothing.
Later one we served meal and helped out with giving away clothes to homeless at the church. We led worship and was listening to a session Pastor Jeff had. We also had a bit of time to chat with the people coming.
I guess it doesn’t matter how much I write now about what I have experienced during these two days. It’s really something you should come and experience yourself. Pastor Jeff told us during the devotion that to be able to help people, we have to be in their situation to be able to understand their needs. That is really TRUE. An outsider cannot understand all the needs without being a part of it. I guess this applies to a lot of things. Fusion Toronto was a really good experience for all of us!
That kinda wraps up Fusion Toronto, we went for etiopian food for dinner. It was good, and kinda special. I guess I bring you guys if you want to 🙂
It’s late now, sleeeep 🙂

北欧差传点滴 第二期

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
北欧差传点滴第二期���W�����c�� ���ڶ��ڣ�.pdf



日期: 2010年11月18至22日(五日四夜) 

短宣籌劃入: 陳錫大牧師

隊員名額: 八位 (連領隊)

報名日期: 6月7日至7月31日

 參加者資格: 基督徒、操流俐普通話、願意向從中國來造生意的華人傳福音、有經驗於留學生福音工作更佳、適應力強。

 經濟支持: 差委會資助每位隊員交通費最高金額二千瑞典克朗, 其餘支出由隊員自付。若在經濟上有很大困難, 可個別與差委會聯絡。

 短宣內容: 向當地一個中國商品批發中心派單張、傳福音, 向國內的留學生傳福音, 介紹他們返當地華人教會,關懷波蘭華人教會的信徒。

歡迎各位北歐基督徒報名參加, 報名表請電郵/ 郵寄給陳錫大牧師

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